10 sights that you must visit while in the Bandung city

Many tourist attractions that you can enjoy in Bandung and you must visit, you can easily search for hotels in the Bandung city  through Bandung Hotel.
The following tourist places in the city that you can visit,

1. Zoo
Bandung Zoo passable crowded, the location is on the road Taman Sari, near the ITB. There can relax while basking under the shade of a tree and a cold wind blowing in Bandung. Bandung zoo collection is complete. In addition facilities are also not throttled, you can also take a boat and swans paddle at the bottom of the zoo. Anyway cheap.

2. Jalan Braga
If you travel to the road Braga can see colonial buildings. Surrounding the Braga road Asia Africa there is no museum, often made filming and photo pre-wedding here. Also fun if the afternoons the streets of Braga while washing the same eye photographs.

3. Gedung Sate
It’s a decent place you visit, as he went in and took some photos in the old building remains of the Netherlands. This building is a landmark for the city of Bandung. So unfortunately that did not get to visit. If it can be cool morning while jogging in Gasibu, the square in front of the building satay. After the Sate of the building you can look around the geological museum. Steady and free again.

4. Great Mosque Alun2
If here suitably afternoon or evening, exhausted in the daytime heat, not a lot of cool shade of trees. When the evening really crowded, many are selling food and toys. Anak2 really like playing here at night.

5. New Markets
This paradise ibu2, can be entered at 8 return at 5 pm, many garment products sold in new markets. The place is like a paradise for the tourists to drain his wallet, be careful when fit crowded, sometimes pickpocket in action here.

6. ITB
This place is passable to enjoy the coolness, could jalan2 on the road while stopping Ganesh Salman Mosque shade. Some afternoons many starlings chirped in the thick trees about ITB.

7. Campus UPI ISOLA
The place is passable also for sports and relaxing. Because of its position in northern Bandung fairly cold, and there are several ancient buildings that cool architecture. Mosque is also okay.

8. Punclut
This area is in the North Cieumbeuleuit. Its location is on a hill. Very crowded that weekend, evenings at the dining side of the road while enjoying the flickering city of Bandung in the night. Very romantic, try night to hang out here.

9. City Hall
If the place is crowded when Sunday morning, can sport a wide variety here.

10. Scout Park Ade Irma
This place is cheap, but fitting for anak2. Many toy rides here, but especially for children, father and mother hanging out just waiting for the child.
That was then, 10 places in the city that is worth a visit