How can you visit America for as little as possible?

So you’ve always dreamed of traveling to America and touring the land of dreams? You then look at your purposed budget and the smile then turns upside down to a frown due to the lack of funds. You have tried everything to save of the cash- taking out two jobs, constant hours on that casino online hoping to win some extra funds and you do countless of boot sales but it just never seems enough. However, in this list you’ll discover how you can travel to the country as cheap as possible and I suggest if you can in life, go and explore the United States.

visit Americavisit America

The reason why is because America is truly a fascinating place to travel, due to its size it feels like a never ending venture and with each state being different than the last, you experience a huge diverse of culture.

Whatever you believe America to be, it’s true, it’s one of the most exciting and outgoing countries in the world. Each State offers its own prosperity and whatever you decide to do you will not be disappointed. This said, but like I’ve mentioned travelling across the US can become rather expensive but it doesn’t have to be if you’re smart. This guide will help you get through your travels as cheap as possible.

Make a budget for each week and stick to it

Just like did when I travelled the states, you really need to plan your trip wisely, certain areas of America are cheap but others is expensive, the best thing you can do is prioritise your money and stick to it. If you manage this then, you should last and with some dollar left over.

Greyhound Coaches

Getting from A to B in the U.S. isn’t always easy, purely because their infrastructure is that robust and that travelling from place to place can become increasingly expensive- so you’ll need to be smart with your travelling activities. Greyhound coaches are the most efficient and affordable way in getting around the country. For a person who has experienced this service, they can become really useful and save you a lot of money. If I can remember, I took a Greyhound from New York to Philadelphia for a price of just $15 roughly. So if you happy in regards to taking longer journeys, this coach company is worth looking into.


This will be the biggest fixed coast as you’ll need to accommodate yourself most nights and lowering it to its minimal cost will give you more freedom with your money in the long run. This is why Air B’n’B will be your saviour.  A more comfortable alternative to the hotels that are situated around the States and its far cosier and comfortable than any hostel! You can find a lot of single rooms as well as shared rooms for $30-40 per night, if that. So if you do ever find yourself without a place to stay, this app will come in very handy.

Caxton Card

Okay, so you’re out and about and you’re worried about losing your loose cash? It’s easily done and has happened to me on multiple occasions; this is why by having an international cash card comes in very handy. I used a Caxton card, which works as your normal cash card and prevents you carrying any lose money around and lets you feel at ease when you’re out and about.