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5 Reasons to Take Dietary Supplements

People often wonder why they would need to take dietary supplements. Among the sectors experiencing the most rapid growth in our lives today is the health and wellness industry. A wide variety of nutritional products are available today. Today, nutritional supplements are more widely used than any other time in history. Omegas, fatty acids, herbs, amino acids, mineral salts, multi vitamins and enzymes all fall within the wide variety of nutritional supplements. In this article, we discuss five reasons why you need to take dietary supplements.

Depletion of soil nutrients

Majority of world regions have been farmed without letting the nutrients to replenish organically in the soil. Present-day agricultural techniques have as a result drained the soil of important nutrients. In agricultural terms, soil elements are responsible for supplying crops with needed minerals that formulate essential vitamins. Crops don’t get the needed vitamins without these minerals and in turn you miss out on them too if you feed on the plant.
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Present-day fertilizers don’t have enough trace elements
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Manures were widely used in the past as plant fertilizers. Nowadays, superphosphate fertilizers have replaced manures by large. Sadly, they comprise of only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This means that they lack in many other nutrients, which are contained in manure naturally.

Unhealthy lifestyle

These days, cigarette and alcohol use has almost become a normal way of life. Your health will without a doubt deteriorate if you engage in heavy drinking and smoking. You may also be pregnant, on pills or living in a polluted area. All these situations are bound to easily increase your dietary needs. Excessive drinking and smoking heavily depletes vitamin C in your body. Coffee consumption can also decrease your iron absorption rate by up to one third of the normal.

Present-day handling of food commodities

Today, commercial harvesting, transportation, processing, storage and preservation of foods extremely diminish nutrient levels. Therefore, if you are not feeding on food direct from the plant, then you are probably eating a completely different species of the same food. In the course of these procedures, a number of compounds add up to food products and as a result increase the need for nutrients by your body. Some of these compounds are nutrasweet, saccharine, colorings, splenda and MSG. They are considered destructive synthetic derivatives.

Exercise elevates the demand for nutrients

It is recommended that you constantly do exercises to cut down excess fats in your body and be fit. However, when you exercise regularly, you consume more oxygen and in turn use more nutrients than normal. Consequently, if you are a serious sportsperson or an athlete who exercises frequently, you should start a dietary supplement program right away.