Top Travel Tips for Dublin

If you are planning to travel to Ireland, you most likely have found flight deals to Dublin. Dublin is one of the most popular areas to visit in Ireland. Before you travel to Dublin, here are some important things that you need to know.

  1. Understand Baggage Restrictions

When you are travelling by air, you need to make sure that your luggage is within the baggage weight limit. The restrictions will depend on the airline that you are travelling on. Most airlines will have this information on their website. If you have found low cost or on sale flights to Dublin, the likelihood is they are with a budget airline. Google the airline to find this information before you fly. These restrictions do change regularly, so you should do a final check before you leave on your trip.

  1. The Weather is Unpredictable

When it rains in Dublin, it pours. So, you should make sure that you pack your rain gear. However, Dublin can also be very sunny and warm at times, so you should pack for both types of weather.

  1. A Night Out Should End with a Good 4 in 1

If you are wondering what a 4 in 1 is, it is rice, curry, chips, and some form of chicken. This is a great drunk food, so you can easily find it served at most bars and pubs.

  1. Buses are Never on Time

There is no point in looking at the bus timetable because sometimes the buses will not even show up. Dublin buses are known to randomly disappear off the timetable. This can be a pain, so you may want to avoid the bus system altogether.

  1. Buses Will Not Stop Unless You Have Your Hand Out

If you are planning to take the bus, this tip is super important. However, there are going to be times that putting your hand out, and waving will not be enough to make the bus stop. It is common to see people jumping up and down at the bus stop when the bus is coming.

  1. Do Not Order an ‘Irish Car Bomb’ or ‘Black and Tan’

This is something that you should not do anywhere in Ireland. Most bartenders are not going to know what you are ordering, and others could just find your order offensive. It is not worth the risk, so you may just want to order a pint instead.

  1. Jaywalking is Normal

Jaywalking is something that you should be looking for because nearly everyone living Dublin has jaywalked at some point in their life. If there is even a tiny gap in traffic, you are bound to see at least one person jaywalk.

  1. Locals Curse a Lot

If you do not like swearing, you should avoid Ireland altogether. Most people in Ireland curse without really realising it. It is not meant to be offensive, most times it just slips out.